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Get to know
your community

Help your kids learn about their community, culture, and history
with these fun worksheets.


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Your little learner will love going on a neighborhood scavenger hunt using these picture clues as guides — perfect for a child who's too young to read.

My Home

Encourage your preschooler to build a strong sense of “ME” by completing this fun worksheet, which is all about her home and environment.

My Home (156 KB)

Firefighting Equipment

Have you ever seen a fireman in high heels? We haven't either. But fireman's boots? That's more like it! Help your child cut out pictures of firefighting equipment, then paste them over items that don't belong.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

What did you do yesterday? What will you do tomorrow? As your child draws pictures to answer these questions, she’ll gain a better understanding of these sometimes difficult concepts.

What is a Service Job?

He’ll have so much fun thinking about different jobs that he won't realize he’s learning social studies! This activity will help your child grow more aware of society while using reasoning skills at the same time.

U.S. Flag Coloring Page

This color-by-number page teaches kids to recognize the U.S. flag. As they follow directions to color in this national symbol, kids will also practice fine motor skills and shape recognition.


Job Match

What tools do people need to do their jobs? This worksheet will flex your child's reasoning skills as he matches the pictures of the different people doing their jobs with the tools they use to do it.

Job Match (230 KB)

Community Workers

Does your kindergartener know your community workers? The people pictured on this sheet need help getting back to their vehicles, and it's up to your child to figure out which car goes with which worker.

Color a U.S. President

As your child colors in the features of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, you can take the opportunity to enlighten her with a bit of presidential history.

Make a Chinese Zodiac Mask

Colorful and fun, this Year of the Horse mask is a great way to introduce your kids to the Chinese Zodiac. If he was born in 2002, he's a Horse!

Types of Landmarks

Explore your neighborhood with your little one, using this guide to help you find landmarks and adding your own as you go! She can even draw pictures to show landmarks that are unique to your community.

Understanding Feelings

What does happy look like? Help your kindergartener understand feelings with this fun and creative drawing exercise. She'll draw each face to match the emotions of sad, happy, angry, and scared.

First Grade

Parking Lot Signs

Use this handy matching activity to familiarize your child with the layout and signage of the grocery store parking lot! First he'll color in the scene, then you can help him figure out which signs go where.

Parking Lot Signs (2.43 MB)

The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment! In real life she is light green, but you can color her any way you like, and learn a fun fact about her with this patriotic coloring sheet.

National Parks Map

Little outdoor explorers can get to know the National Parks with this map. Be sure to talk with them about how these parks are an important part of U.S. culture and history!

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance

Has your child memorized the Pledge of Allegiance? Written in 1892, the Pledge is recited each morning by kids across the country. Help her learn the words with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

U.S. Symbols for Kids

Introduce your first-graders to two national symbols with this worksheet featuring the historic icon Betsy Ross, and the mountain-high sculpture, Mount Rushmore.

U.S. National Parks

Build an appreciation for Mother Nature with this National Parks info page for kids! Your little park ranger will learn a bit about why we have National Parks and their importance in nature.

Second Grade

Historic Paper Dolls: Civil War Soldiers

First help your child cut out and color in the Union and Confederate soldiers, then talk with her about what happened during that time in history.

Grand Canyon Coloring Page

Take a trip around the world with this series of international sites, some man-made, others natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. An interesting fact accompanies each page.

Latitude and Longitude of Cities

Your little geography student can practice using coordinates on a simplified grid to find major U.S. cities on a map with this introductory worksheet.

U.S. Rivers

Get your rafts ready, it's time to take a trip down the major rivers of the United States! Your rafters can read the clues to figure out how to label each river on this map.

U.S. Rivers (688 KB)

Land Use Map

Your second-grader will enjoy tracking and interpreting the many ways we use our land and resources in the United States with this informative Land Use Map.

Land Use Map (245 KB)

Types of Communities

What types of communities are your children a part of? Probably more than they think. Learn more about all the different types of communities, from fans to family to friends, with this fun social studies worksheet.

Third Grade

States and Capitals: Road Trip!

The road trip is mapped out, but the state names are missing on the map! Kids write the missing state names for the capital cities that are labeled on this United States map.

U.S. Food Map

Work up an appetite for geography with this awesome U.S. food map! Kids will explore the different culinary hot spots around the country as they review the names and locations of the states.

U.S. Food Map (0.99 MB)

Underground Railroad Map

Your child will board the Underground Railroad and learn about what life was like for the brave passengers. First, he’ll read a passage describing the dangerous journey, then he’ll interpret the map at the top.

George Washington Myths

That famous story about George Washington never telling a lie is exactly that — a lie! Challenge your child to learn more about our first president and see if she can tell fact from fiction.

State Capitals Crossword

Help make memorizing state capitals fun by using this geography crossword puzzle, which gets kids to discover mystery states based on shape and capitals.

What's That State?

Kids completing this worksheet identify states by capital city and shape, which helps them build their knowledge of U.S. geography.

What's That State? (39.4 KB)

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